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Kind Words & Positive Feedback

Awwwww Shucks!

Who doesn't like a little positive feedback now and then? Years ago, my dear friend, Debbie Charpentier taught me her secret of making it through tough days when work felt overwhelming or she felt she'd lost her mojo. The secret? A file of little notes and kind words she received from clients, mentors and others that made her feel appreciated and on the right track. The file was aptly named "Attitude Adjustments" and it housed lovely handwritten notes that always brightened her day no matter the weather or circumstance. Here's a little page I'm putting together of just sweet words my clients have emailed, texted and talked.

The Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council group was wowed by [my] presentation. Great job and thank you!
— Greg Garrett, City Manager

We are sold out!!! Yeah!!! Sold our last 8 reservations last night at Wine Down..Had a good crowd, thanks to all your hard work!!!
— Patty Souza, Souza Family Vineyard

Thanks for the follow up! I wish [everyone] were this thorough, it makes my job easier.
— Ron Jernigan, Cara Enterprises