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Posted by Donna Fischman on

You would be surprised to learn how many people visit the beautiful mountain community of Tehachapi and end up calling it home. Actually, I was one of them. The clean air, charming feel and friendly atmosphere give almost any city dweller a fresh perspective on life. So it naturally makes sense to market homes to visitors in Tehachapi the question is how?

Here's the Challenge...

Ads on maps, billboards and online efforts certainly all make sense. But what if you could have an attractive brochure nestled in with all the other tourist information spread over 24 locations throughout Tehachapi? It would certainly be a unique piece that dreamers could take home with them. EXCEPT... the Tehachapi Tourism Commission required it not to be a standard "here's my homes for sale" piece and so that challenge began!

The Result!

The result was this picturesque brochure that defined and romanticized the four mountain valleys of Tehachapi. We utilized a Double Parallel fold to compartmentalize the different areas and the large 14-inch width made the panoramic image of Tehachapi Valley really become a showpiece.

The collateral then gives helpful information about where each valley is located, which housing communities and Community Service Districts exist in that area, along with helpful demographic information. As a result, the brochure became useful as a tool not only to visitors but to out of town buyers Beth works with to help explain their housing options. 

 It's a great take-a-way and an attractive and popular piece that visitors take liberally!