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Know When to Break the Rules

Posted by Donna Fischman on

One of the important characteristics of a logo is what's called the "Area of Non-Interference" - basically, the invisible shield of White Space around it so that is always is easily recognizable and not jammed up to other stuff. Typically it is calculated based off an element in the logo so that the space stays proportional no matter how large or small it is schedule to appear.

The problem...

But what do you do when your organization's identity is getting lost due to all the other (in this case event) branding that occurs in the course of the year? This is what was happening to a local non-profit focused on historic preservation and economic growth of the downtown area of Tehachapi, CA. Each year, Main Street Tehachapi puts on a half dozen events that not only draw thousands of residents and visitors to the quaint shopping district but helps to raise funds for their larger scope of work.

From Wine Walks to Chili Cook Offs - from Trunk or Treat to the weekly Farmers' Market - the group was buying original artwork six times a year, each and every year and for a non-profit, that really adds up. But worse yet, at the end of the year people remember the events and quirky, cooking chili peppers all while their logo and identity was typically nowhere in sight.

Our Solution...

In this case - we're not just bending the rules...We're breaking them! For this client, we said "lets throw out the textbook and decorate your logo (just as you do the town) so that your Identity REMAINS as part of the event branding" and Voila! We developed the logo with this use in mind and so the street sign design was not only easy to decorate - it actually plays homage to the seasonally changing charm of the historic downtown district. Now they have the first of a few embellished logos that helps keep the organization's name in front of thousands of folks as they promote and play host at their incredibly cool functions.

Now you tell us, Does it work? Check out the progression and options for Main Street Tehachapi's Harvest Wine Walk.

See the development process of the new logo.