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Tammy Engel, Mortgage Advisor

Tammy Engel is Tehachapi's Best Mortgage Advisor and needed a web presence to help clients and potential clients find her easily. She always has one goal and that is for people to pick up the phone and just call her. She knows that with one phone call, both her and her clients can easily determine if her services are a fit. But in this day in age, people want information and assurances. So we built a simple, clean website that makes it easy for prospects to call her.

No stranger to accolades, Tammy's website has well over 100 testimonials that rotate on her Home Page or can be read leisurely on their own page. She also writes helpful articles twice a month that are easily uploaded on to her site in a searchable database. Her unique Contact Us Page places an emphasis on how easy it is to work with her and the steps to get started ("Step One - Call Me"). Finally, we've built her a secure login page where clients in the approval process can safely upload documents for Tammy to access. This cuts the time of mailing, expense of overnighting and allows their approval to move along quickly.

Project Highlights

    Rotating Header, Testimonials Rotator, Articles Database, FAQ's, Resource Tab, Unique Contact Me Page, Secure Client Documents Upload

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