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About Me

Hi, I'm Donna!

To start, let me just say I’m passionate about helping small and medium sized companies and organizations market their products and services and in short, I LOVE what I do! After focusing much of my 18+ years in marketing on coaching, planning, design and print collateral, I made a huge shift in 2010 and started embracing on-line presence and social media. Fast-forward to today and you’ll find me spending my days building websites, managing social media efforts and teaching business owners how to really use tools like Facebook, Trip Advisor, and more.

My Web Philosophy

A few years ago, I was sitting with the owner of a local bakery and she shared with me how she loves her website but HATES how every time she calls the guy who built it, he charges her $75-$100 to make even the smallest of changes. So I set out to find solutions that would empower the average business owner or volunteer organization to be In Charge of their own site but to still have a local professional on-hand to help when needed. The solution: Adobe Business Catalyst!

You might think, what’s the big deal? let me tell you.

It used to be that you could get your website found just by adding little bits of info called meta-tags that search engines used to tell it where to send users looking for, let’s say a bakery. All that was fine and good until web developers started to out-smart the system and add popular meta-tags that didn’t even relate to that business, just to get it found and gain “hits.”

Those meta-tags are all but obsolete today and now search engines, such as Google, use a variety of ways to measure the relevance of a website...

which includes:
  • actual content
  • freshness of content
  • how popular the content is
  • feedback from users on content

Get the picture? It’s all about content!

So 100% of the websites I build today use Adobe Business Catalyst. Why? Because business owners, their staff or even volunteers of an organization can hop online, log in and EASILY change and add content, pages, photos and more without knowing a single line of code. This helps them continue to improve their website AND their ranking = more traffic = more customers! Best of all, every bit of the working structure inside the website is maintained, backed up and updated by Adobe. No plug-ins to buy and re-buy year after year, nothing to re-code and no widgets made by a guy in a far-off basement that you don’t know how to call.

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